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New Horizons – Evidence for Homeopathy: Originator Ken Ward-Atherton (Lord of Witley & Hurcott)

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Acknowledging the cutting edge of the recent first-ever international seminar supporting an undisputable scientific explanation for the mechanism of Homeopathy. My sincere thanks go to some of the world’s leading scientists for supporting me…namely the Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier, the co-discoverer of HIV and memory of water researcher, and Nobel Laureate Emeritus Professor of Physics at Cambridge University Brian Josephson. I also offer my sincerest appreciation for the support of Dr Menachem Oberbaum, Director of Shaare Zedek’s Center for Integrative Complementary Medicine, Jerusalem, and of Dr R K Manchanda, Director General of the Central Council of Research in Homeopathy...
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